Saturday, February 4, 2023

Today's Notes 02.04.23


  1. "Maturity kicks in when the honeymoon is over." - Bill Scheer
    1. This isn't just about marriage.
    2. This includes all relationships, our jobs, our hobbies.
  2. The way God does anything is the way God does everything.
    1. This means the way I do anything is the way I do everything. In line with His Word.
    2. So, changing my schedule around is bad for me.
    3. Routine is good for me.
    4. A single-minded person is stable in all her ways.
    5. Unless I'm on vacation, alarms are alarms, schedules are schedules.
  3. The Name of Jesus - Taylor Scheer
    1. Philippians 2:5-11 - The Name of Jesus cannot be separated from His authority.
    2. The Name of Jesus is above whatever I'm dealing with.
    3. The Name of Jesus is always the answer.
    4. Mark 10:46-52
  4. Jayne means "God is gracious" and has its roots in the Hebrew name Yochanan which means "Yahweh is merciful."
    1. My name is strongly connected to the Hebrew word "chesed," which has become a much bigger revelation to me this year and as this year progresses.
  5. I added all the things to my "employment" section on Facebook.
    1. Para professional
    2. Writer
    3. Papercrafter
    4. Professional Tourist at Walt Disney World

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