Saturday, February 25, 2023

Storybook #closetomyheart #papercrafting

 This is lovely! I am a big fan of the mainly muted colors, except for that pop of red and gold that shows up here and there. 

The "King for the Day" card is a fantastic card for male birthday celebrations.

"To the King & Queen" would be terrific for a wedding. It's different and a bit quirky.

"Hereby Queen of Everything" makes me smile because it reminds me of something very similar I used to say to my niece when she was little. I taught her to tell everyone that "Auntie's the Queen!"

"A Royal Thank You" is special. It's a thank you card that shows a little extra oomph for a deeper appreciation.

This kit provides enough materials to make four of each design for a total of 16 cards. However, please be aware there are additional products needed to complete this kit. Those products are your base products like inks, adhesives, acrylic blocks, and cutting tools.

The featured technique for this workshop is stamp pad painting.

I think my favorite is the "Queen of Everything" card because of its personal meaning.

Which one is your favorite?

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