Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Covers by Dark Water Covers

 Tracie from Dark Water Covers did an overhaul on my covers for this series. Although I had deep feelings for my original covers from the first three books, there were some things that cropped up with the fourth which sent me looking for a new cover artist.

And although I got a really nice cover for the fourth book, I was bothered that they weren't a complete set.

Tracie ran a Black Friday special and I prepaid for an entire redo and wasn't sorry at all.

This situation made me realize that I need to write all the books in a series and then pay for all the covers at the same time.

Here they are in more detail:

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  1. I love these covers. I also love a good series. I make sure I have them all and then start reading. I learned a longtime ago, that I go crazy when I'm left hanging and wanting more.


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